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Coastal Boat-Based Whale Watching Tour In Hermanus

It doesn’t matter how many images, how many films or how many documentaries you’ve seen regarding whales, nothing will quite fascinate you like when you witness multiple whales up close in their natural home. These massive aquatic giants will literally amaze your sense of adventure.

Hermanus is recognized as the whale watching capital of South Africa and there’re a few better ways to witness these gentle ocean giants in their natural habitat than a land-based whale watching tour with Mytours. We prefer the coastal route to Hermanus, the land-based whale watching capital of the world. While in the splendid town of Hermanus, with many headland points for land-based sighting of these beautiful creatures, you will also have the chance to see them up close as they approach to the shore quite often to within 20 meters of the beach.

Every Whale Boat Trip to Hermanus is a unique experience with Mytours:

With us, every whale watching trip is a unique experience. Southern Right Whales are the center of attraction from June to November throughout the annual whale watching season. A typical whale watching tour with us may give you the opportunity to encounter Cape Fur Seals, the rare African penguins, and pods of Bottlenose Dolphins. Relying upon the season you may also get to witness migrating Humpback Whales & non-migratory  Bryde’s Whales.

Optional boat based whale watching tour with Mytours:

Beside land based whale watching, we also offer an optional boat based whale watching (weather reliant) tour that gives you a very close look at these humongous water creatures, this is an extra cost. Being naturally freaky, the whales approach towards the vessel to observe us. Throughout the journey, our friendly guide will make sure you’ve a great experience by offering you useful insight into the act of the whales while you’re observing them in action. They even help you capture the close pictures of these gentle giants which you can show to your friends and relatives back home. We will depart your hotel at 9am and take the scenic coastal drive to Hermanus.  Clarence drive is officially recognized as one of the top ten scenic coastal drives in the world.  We will stop for photos and take a optional nature walk.  We will return to cape town on the super fast road arriving about 5pm at your hotel.

Note: Our whale boat trip in Hermanus is seasonal and take place from July to November only.

Pricing as follows:

R1800 each if 2 people sharing
R1600 each if 4 people sharing
R1400 each if 6 people sharing
R1300 each if 8 people sharing

Above prices includes all return transport from Cape town to Hermanus and 2 hour whale boat cruise

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